Elbit to supply equipment to Brazil Marine Corps

Elbit Systems wins $40 million contract to upgrade advanced command and control capabilities for Brazil's Marine Corps.

Mordechai Sones,

Elbit to provide Brazil Marines equipment
Elbit to provide Brazil Marines equipment

Elbit Systems Ltd. today announced that it won a contract from the Brazilian Marines to supply advanced systems for computerization, electronic warfare, radio, and communications.

Under the contract, operational systems and operational capabilities will be provided, including a variety of combat management systems applications, artillery systems, the latest generation of a teleprocessing suit for soldiers, as well as electronic warfare capabilities. The systems will be deployed at permanent and field headquarters, in vehicles, armor vehicles, as well as in portable form, in order to significantly increase the operational efficiency of the Brazilian Marine Corps and adapt its combat management capabilities to the most advanced warfare concepts available.

Yehuda "Udi" Vered, CEO of Elbit Systems, said: "We are proud of this important upgrade contract to supply key core systems to the Marine Corps, an important branch of the Brazilian Army. Elbit Systems is a global leader in the fields of teleprocessing, electronic warfare, radio, and communications, and our systems are based on generations of operational use and are proven by many customers worldwide. I believe that this unique solution will lead to additional projects in the Brazilian Marine Corps as well as other customers."