Did Israel ask to delay Trump visit?

Arab London newspaper says Trump refused Israel's request to delay visit. Jerusalem: No one asked him to delay his visit.

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US President Donald Trump
US President Donald Trump
Joshua Roberts, Reuters

London Arab newspaper Al-Hayat on Saturday morning reported that US President Donald Trump refused Israel's request to delay his visit until June.

According to Al-Hayat, Israel had requested Trump visit in June instead of at the end of May as originally planned.

Israel's Channel 2 said the timing of the visit will present Trump as leaning towards Israel's side in his "peace process" efforts.

On Saturday afternoon, Israel denied the report and said it was false.

"No one asked the US to delay President Trump's visit, as was claimed," Jerusalem sources said. "We are happy to host President Trump at any time."

At a Sicily summit on May 26, Trump said he was planning to visit Israel. He will also visit Saudia Arabia and the Vatican during his stay in the Middle East.

Other reports said Trump requested to give his main speech at Masada.