Russian strategic bombers intercepted off US coast

Provocations by Putin? American stealth fighters sent to intercept Russian bombers which entered Alaskan Air Defense Zone.

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David Rosenberg,

F-22 stealth flighters
F-22 stealth flighters

A flight of Russian bombers were intercepted by American fighters inside the Alaska Air Defense Zone Thursday, US officials told Fox News.

According to defense officials, two Cold War-era Tupolev Tu-95 strategic bombers escorted by modern Su-35 Flanker air superiority fighters penetrated the Alaska Air Defense Zone, prompting the US Air Force to send a flight of stealth fighters to intercept.

Two F-22 fighters intercepted the four-plane Russian flight and escorted it away from the Alaska Air Defense Zone.

Defense officials emphasized that the Russian sortie was unarmed and never entered US sovereign airspace.

Thursday’s incident is the latest apparent provocation by the Russian military, which has increased its aerial presence around the Alaska Air Defense Zone since tensions between the Kremlin and Washington escalated following the US cruise missile strike against a Syrian airbase suspected of being used in a chemical weapons attack.

President Trump acknowledged last month that relations with Russia had hit “an all-time low”, but called a phone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday “a very good one”.