Opinion: We have learnt nothing

Israel is capable of defending itself, but it continues to 'understand' an enemy who wishes to see us at the bottom of the sea.

Judith Bergman ,

Judith Bergman
Judith Bergman

Over 70 years after the death camps were liberated, the most important "lesson" - for lack of a better word - for the Jewish people from the Holocaust has still not been fully internalized:

The Jewish people must never rely on anyone but themselves.

At their hour of greatest need, not even one of the Allied powers could be bothered to bomb the tracks to Auschwitz. Sure, they all feigned horror afterwards, and raised all kinds of useless memorials to the 6 million murdered Jews, because dead Jews were a "thing" to cherish with respect in Europe, as opposed to the living ones who could be tortured, raped, and mass murdered at will.

The implication of that "lesson" is not only that Jews can only rely on themselves, but also that enemies must be recognized for who they are and be defeated. Instead, we give them first class treatment in our hospitals, after they fail to kill themselves trying to kill us. According to the Israeli Medical Association, doctors at the scene of a terrorist attack should even treat the terrorist before the victims, if his wounds are more severe than theirs are.

As we remember the Shoah, let us try to imagine how that would have worked out if the world had shown equal consideration to the "human rights" of the Nazis? I imagine that somewhere in the depths of hell, someone is laughing uncontrollably at our extreme idiocy.

Barely a week after a British tourist was stabbed to death by an Arab on the Jerusalem light rail train, yesterday four Jews were stabbed by an Arab in Tel Aviv and one Israeli woman was stabbed this morning in northern Jerusalem. This is all courtesy of Abbas's “death-to-the-Jews regime,” as we let this wannabe Hitler incite, direct, and royally reward - from the billions of dollars in Western taxpayer aid - the death squads of terrorists from the comfort of his mansion in Ramallah. We have the power to stop it, but we do not.

How is that for "Never Again?"

Meanwhile, a world of nations - especially the European ones - pays its treasure and respects to Abbas and his cohorts, who would love nothing better than to see the Jews disappear from the face of the earth. Over 70 years may have passed, but the mentality certainly seems very much there.

So did we learn the lesson? Modern Israel is strong and able to defend herself, as has been amply illustrated. Nevertheless, we constantly try to "understand" the enemy, we talk about the "complexity" of the "conflict" and the "'grievances" of those who call us the "descendants of apes and pigs" and want to see us at the bottom of the sea; we pander to the right and to the left, for fear that we might inadvertently offend European or other sensibilities.

Yet it is all so simple. There are still regimes - the PA, Hamas, and Iran chief among them - who want to unleash a second Holocaust on the Jewish People. Meanwhile, the Jewish People babbles about two-state solutions and other nonsense that the Arabs have already rejected a million times over in words and in actions - and only entertain now as part of their plan to destroy the state of Israel in phases, after internalizing their inability to defeat Israel in traditional military confrontation.
It is time to realize that we truly have learnt nothing.

Judith Bergman is a writer and political analyst who holds degrees in International Relations (The London School of Economics and Political Science) and law. Her writings appear on Gatestone Institute and other well-known sites. She lives in Israel.