Terrorist throws explosives at soldier, gets shot

IDF forces arrest wanted terrorists, shoot explosives throwers.

Kobi Finkler,

Soldiers coordinating search for missing teens
Soldiers coordinating search for missing teens
Flash 90

The IDF's elite Duvdevan Unit on Tuesday night arrested dozens of explosive-throwing Arabs who were at Dheisheh, near Beit Lechem (Bethlehem).

The Arabs in question were throwing Molotov cocktails (firebombs), as well as explosives, at the soldiers.

One of the soldiers fired a shot in the direction of a terrorist who had thrown explosives at him. According to Arab sources, the terrorist was severely injured.

IDF forces evacuated the terrorist to a Jerusalem hospital.

None of the soldiers were injured.

Also during the night, the IDF, Border Police, and Shabak arrested six wanted Arabs in Judea and Samaria. Five of these Arabs were wanted on suspicion of involvement in terrorist activity and riots.

In addition, IDF forces confiscated in the Arab town of a-Dik a lathe used for illegal weapons manufacture.