Instructions for carrying out terror attacks - on a memory card

Hamas terrorist puts terror instructions on memory cards, then hides the files.

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Uzi Baruch,

Memory card
Memory card

Israeli security forces in March arrested Hamas terrorist Malk Nazaar Youssef Kazmaar, who was recruited by Hamas leadership abroad and told to advance terror activity in Israel.

During his interrogation, Shabak discovered that Kazmaar, who had lived in Cyprus, was recruited in August 2015 during a visit to Jordan.

In January 2016, Kazmaar was sent for training in a Syrian training camp, where he learned shooting tactics and theoretical material on how to create various explosive devices.

In January 2017, just before he returned to Judea and Samaria, Kazmaar met Hamas terrorists in Istanbul. During the meeting, the Hamas officials told Kazmaar to recruit terrorists for Hamas and organize terror activity in Israel.

Kazmaar was arrested upon his return to Judea and Samaria, before he could carry out his orders.

During the interrogation, he mentioned programs placed on memory cards received from terrorists in Turkey. These programs were hidden so they would no be immediately visible upon use of the card, and were found to contain extensive instructions for planning and carrying out attacks.

A Samaria military court filed an indictment against Kazmaar, accusing him of committing severe security crimes.