Attempted stabbing attack thwarted in Jerusalem

Female terrorist shot dead while attempting to stab police officers. No injuries reported.

Gary Willig ,

Damascus Gate
Damascus Gate
צילום: דובר מד"א ירושלים

A female terrorist attempted to stab a group of police officers near Damascus Gate near the Old City of Jerusalem Wednesday afternoon.

According to preliminary reports, the terrorist emerged from the Old City through the Damascus Gate, which faces a neighborhood almost entirely populated by Arabs. When she identified the police officers, she approached them and produced a weapon.

The terrorist was shot and subdued before she could harm anyone else. Magen David Adom EMTs pronounced her dead at the scene. No further injuries were reported.

Initial reports stated that the weapon seized was a knife. The object was lated confirmed to be a pair of scissors.

The PA health ministry identified the dead woman as Siham Nimr, 49, from the Shuafat refugee camp in eastern Jerusalem.

The PA official news agency said she was the mother of Mustafa Nimr, a 27-year-old shot dead by Israeli police in September.