'The US is closer than ever to moving embassy to Jerusalem'

Likud MK says US embassy move will prompt other countries to relocate their embassies; says PM will keep his promise to Amona residents.

Ido Ben Porat, | updated: 08:04

MK Amir Ohana
MK Amir Ohana

The United States is closer than ever to moving its embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, says Likud MK Amir Ohana, who travelled to Washington DC this week to take part in the annual American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) conference.

Speaking with Arutz Sheva in Washington, Ohana said the Trump administration is genuinely interested in relocating the embassy to Israel’s capital, adding that if the move does take place, it will likely prompt other countries to move theirs as well.

“I can safely say this: we are closer than ever. I know that this matter [the embassy move] is being checked out very seriously. I’m telling the Americans as well as our viewers that after the US Embassy is moved to Jerusalem, others will move as well.”

Ohana also discussed Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s pledge to Amona evictees to build a replacement town in Samaria, saying the Prime Minister would stand by his promise.

“I heard the Prime Minister’s own words a week and a half ago at the well-publicized evening coalition event we had reaffirm his promise, saying ‘I promised and I will deliver’.”

“He made a promise, and I recommend we don’t time him with a stopwatch,” added Ohana, saying it would take time for the new town to be built. “No government would have done so much for the residents of Amona as this present one, or would have done so much to try to stop the evacuation itself.”

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