Watch: PM Netanyahu addresses AIPAC conference

'Israel has no greater friend than America, and America has no greater friend than Israel.'

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Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu addressed the annual AIPAC Policy Conference via satellite Monday afternoon.

"Israel is fast becoming a global technological power and we're very proud of this. All of this is due to Israeli ingenuity and determination, the same ingenuity and determination which enabled us to build a a strong army, a robust economy and a resilient society. We did not accomplish this alone, we relied on the steadfast support of the US." Netanyahu said.

The Prime Minister praised the strong US-Israel relationship. "Israel has no greater friend than America, and America ha no greater friend than Israel."

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm confident our lives will grow even stronger in the years ahead. I had an exceptionally warm meeting with President Trump last month and I want to thank the president for his support for Israel. I want to thank Vice-President Pence for his warm words last night. The administration is turning its words into policies. You see this reflected in Ambassador Haley's standing up for Israel and the truth at the United Nations. You see it in the budgetary requests of President Trump which leave military aid to Israel untouched. We appreciate this and are deeply grateful for the support of the President and congress.

"Israel's hand is extended to all our neighbors in peace. We teach peace to our children and its time the Palestinian Authority did the same. It must stop teaching hatred to children, It must stop paying terrorists, it must stop denying our legitimacy and history."