Florida: Two Israelis killed in accident

Benny and Zafrit Binyamin, Israeli couple living in Miami, killed in a car accident in Florida, leaving behind eight-year-old daughter.

Mordechai Sones,

Police Spokesman's Unit

Benny and Zafrit Binyamin, an Israeli couple who lived in Miami, were killed in a car accident in Florida after returning from a vacation. They left behind an eight-year-old daughter.

According to local police, the woman's friend was under the influence of alcohol and was moderately injured in an accident.

The Foreign Ministry said it was working through the consulate in Miami and the department for Israelis abroad to help the family during their difficult time.

Earlier this month, Elad Cooper, 20, from Or Yehuda, was found dead in a hotel in the city of Pokhara in Nepal. The Israeli Embassy in Kathmandu and the Department of Foreign Israelis of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs assisted the family in returning the body to Israel.

Cooper was declared missing and the circumstances of the death are unknown. Local media in Nepal reported that he spent 113 days at the hotel where his body was found.