Campaign calls on haredi women to harass defense officials

Haredi magazine publishes names and phone numbers of defense officials, calls on haredi women to launch campaign against haredi enlistment.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Previous haredi protests against the draft
Previous haredi protests against the draft

In what has been referred to as an imitation of the anti-Trump Women's March movement in the US, the leaders of the struggle by an extremist haredi faction against the recruitment of haredim to the IDF are promoting a women's protest to be directed against senior members of the defense establishment.

The Ketoret Hebrew magazine reported that the decision to engage in an Israeli 'Women's March' following a New York Times report which stated: "The congressional offices in Washington and across the United States are overwhelmed by phone calls, letters and the presence of concerned citizens who are organizing in increasing numbers to oppose Trump's agenda. The tactics learned from the Tea Party movement are shaking Capital Hill."

The new initiative aims to act in the same spirit as the protests in the US, and calls on haredi women to flood the offices of the Defense Minister, his adviser on haredi affairs, his media adviser and other with phone calls and complaints in order to explain to them personally what they consider to be halachic issues with the enlistment of haredim in the IDF.

Ketoret published a letter calling on women to take part in the campaign.

"Dear wife," the letter reads, "You have won and your husband is demonstrating and protesting for the sake of the existence of Judaism in the Land of Israel, and you are also interested in taking part in this great campaign. Will understand our pain in this matter of principle and to what extent their actions undermine and violate our basic religious rights, they will ease their harassment of us because of our Jewishness."

The letter then lists the names of senior defense officials as well as their personal phone numbers. Later in the letter, haredi women are presented with emphases and guidelines:

"Do not use this list for illegal activities and/or harassment. You can dial in order to explain and express the pain at reasonable times of the day, and do not dial again and again that day if you have already received a response on the same day."