'Daddy come guard me, I'm scared of the dark'

Female IDF soldier assigned to guard duty asked her father to join her as she was 'afraid of the dark.'

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Female soldiers
Female soldiers
Hagai Huberman

19-year-old S. enlisted in the IDF four months ago and was sent to serve in an army base near Afula. A family member claimed she had been told she would be a clerk but was actually sent too serve as an operations officer in the base and was assigned to evening guard duty at the entrance to the camp. "She told them that she's scared, that it's really dark, that she's scared to use a weapon but nothing helped," said family members to Yediot Aharonot.

S's father Nissim said that she had asked a friend to serve with her from the outset. He added that when an unidentified car went through the fields she panicked and called and asked him to come and guard her in the base.

For a month her father came to the base in civilian clothes and stood guard with his daughter in the evenings. "I have no choice," he explained, "It's very important to me that she does her full army service. I'm against desertions or leaving the base without permission. I want her to serve the country."

Officially civilians cannot enter an army base but the soldier told her commanding officer that if they wouldn't let her father in, she would leave her post, so he was allowed to enter the base.

After a month she was transferred to kitchen duty but was then sent back to guard duty with another female soldier who is afraid of the dark. Her father added: "I love her and I will guard together with her until she finishes her army service but I'm asking the army: find another logical solution."

The IDF spokesman responded that "the claims are being investigated and if necessary regulations will be sharpened. The soldier's commanders are helping her as much as possible and changes will be made to accommodate her conditions of service."