Released for publication:
Hezbollah recruited through Facebook profile

Operative assigned to reconnaissance and abduction arrested at zero hour.

Mordechai Sones,

צילום: ISTOCK

The recent arrest of Hezbollah operative Yusuf Yasser Soilam, 23, has been released for publication. The arrest was part of a Shin Bet operation in cooperation with the IDF and the Israel Police. The Qalqiliya resident was trained to commit terrorist attacks including carrying out an abduction.

The Shin Bet investigation revealed that Soilam, a locksmith by profession, was recruited to Hezbollah using a Facebook profile used to identify potential recruits to the organization.

At one point Soilam was instructed to open an operational email address using encryption software with which he maintained contact with a Hezbollah operator known as "Abu Hasin".

Soilam's operators assigned him to perform various tasks, including photographing and gathering information on IDF bases, checkpoints, and sites in Jerusalem's Old City. He was also directed to set up a terror cell which was to carry out an abduction and transfer the abductee to Lebanese territory.

Soilam was arrested by the Shin Bet before he could perform the planned attacks.

An indictment against Soilam was handed down by a Samaria military court, charging him with aggravated security offenses.