Bennett visits hunger striking Amona residents

Education Minister makes surprise visit to hunger striking residents to show support for their struggle to have new homes built.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Bennett visits hunger strikers
Bennett visits hunger strikers
צילום: מטה המאבק עמונה

Education Minister Naftali Bennett visited the former residents of Amona who are engaging in a hunger strike outside of the the Prime Minister's residence Monday.

The residents began their hunger strike in protest of the government's failure to fulfill the promise of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to construct a new community for the residents who were made homeless when their community was destroyed following a court order last month.

Bennett met with the protesters to show his support for their struggle. "A word is a bond, and an agreement must be kept. I am committed to the agreement you reached [with the Prime Minister], and will insist that the agreement be implemented soon, as the Prime Minister had promised, and the Cabinet will make its decision in the next meeting to establish a new community," Bennett said.

Avichai Boaron, the leader of the campaign to save Amona, said that the protesters did not expect Bennett's visit. "We were surprised by the visit. We were sitting in the hunger strikers' tent when a car stopped near us, and the Education Minister stepped out. It was not a given that the leader of a party in the coalition would come unannounced and join us to support our struggle and our vigil outside the Prime Minister's residence."

"The responsibility for the establishment of the new community rests with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who as of now, unfortunately is preventing the government from aing and implementing the decision," he added.

"The Prime Minister should be the first of all people in Israel to keep his word and meet his commitments, and in this regard he should be a role model for the youth of Israel. Even Donald Trump - as a businessman - understands that agreements must be honored," said Boaron

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