A unique form of charity in the grapefruit orchard

We joined Bar & Bat Mitzvah celebrators, high school kids as they set out to the field with Leket to volunteer in a unique form of giving.

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Yoni Kempinski, | updated: 08:04

Leket activity
Leket activity
Yoni Kempinski

While leading the safe, effective, and efficient rescue of thousands of tons of fresh produce and millions of hot meals, Leket Israel has launched a special Purim campaign this year.

On Purim it is customary to give Matanot L’evyonim (Gifts to the Poor), and we are afforded the special opportunity to donate to those in need.

By participating in Leket Israel’s Purim campaign, you may send greeting cards to your loved ones while helping Leket deliver healthy Mishloach Manot packages to tens of thousands of Israel’s needy families.

Onions for people who need
Leket Israel
Food for the needy, from the field
Leket Israel
At the Shiler Farm
Leket Israel