Rabbi: 'I was lynched by the LGBT community'

Rabbi Haim Navon temporarily closes Facebook page after online campaign targets his comment against halakhically forbidden gay 'marriage'.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Rabbi Haim Navon
Rabbi Haim Navon
Nissim Lev

Rabbi Haim Navon, a popular Religious Zionist rabbi in the town of Modi'in and much read columnist and lecturer, has temporarily closed his Facebook site after a post he wrote regarding the definition of family aroused the ire of the "LGBT community".

"I was lynched by the LGBT's, so I temporarily closed my Facebook account," Navon told Arutz Sheva.

The controversial post was written in response to the publication on the Israeli Air Force Facebook site of a post about two men who are "married" to one another. Navon responded to the IAF's defense of the "marriage" claiming that "we are all equal," stating that equality was not the issue here.

"If I can't play football, I can't demand of the Football Association to recognize my chess team as a football team...Marriage and family are the oldest human institutions and they do not refer to a relationship between two men as being a marriage. Anyone can live with whomever he or she wants, but they cannot force us to change our definitions of matrimony and family. Those who activate the IAF Facebook page also do not have that right... If they wish to celebrate marriage and family values they ought to maintain the definition of marriage as written in Israeli law," wrote Navon.

Rabbi Navon referred to Israeli law and did not refer to Jewish law, which expressly forbids the homosexual act and does not even consider the idea of a same sex relationship being termed a marriage.