'Witches' cast 'spell' on Trump to remove him from office

Witches gather at Trump Tower to 'hex' Trump and 'bind the hands' of him and his followers.

Chana Roberts,

Trump riots in San Jose
Trump riots in San Jose

Self-proclaimed "witches" together with singer Lana Del Rey, stood together at midnight on Friday night outside Trump Tower in New York to "cast a spell" on US President Donald Trump under a crescent moon. Witches from around the country joined the ritual from afar.

The "spell" is intended to remove Trump from office and to "bind the hands" of both Trump and those who support and aid him.

Subsequent "witch" gatherings will be held on March 26, April 24, and May 29.

The gathering announced they were "hexing" Trump, and called on spirits to "bind" him. The "witches" also posted on social media instructions for carrying out the spell.

Arizona "witch" MaryPat Azevedo told BBC, "A true witch would never cast a spell on anyone without their permission. This prayer is for wellbeing and peace for all beings."

Christian conservatives have accused the "witches" of "declaring spiritual war."

Trump has not yet commented on the gathering.