Miri Regev 'makes waves' in Turkey

Minister of Culture and Sport Miri Regev 'made waves' in Turkey when she waved the Israeli flag at Nahariya team's basketball game.

Neri Weiss ,

Regev holding Israel flags
Regev holding Israel flags
Miri Regev's spokesman

Minister of Culture and Sport.Miri Regev is 'making waves' in Turkey. Regev joined the entourage of the Ironi Nahariya (Nahariya's local) basketball team which went to take part in the Eurocup in the Turkish town of Gaziantep and even before the starting whistle she caused a commotion in the stadium.

During the presentation of the Israeli players Regev waved an Israeli flag and the Turkish fans responded noisily with catcalls against Israel and in favor of the Turkish and Islamic state.

The town of Gaziantep is adjacent to the Syrian border and to ISIS strongholds. The Turkish hosts had conditioned the inclusion of the team on an armed GSS force as well as a minister accompanying the team. Regev, who had made the effort to organize security arrangements which would allow the game to take place, volunteered to fill the role.

The team landed in the Turkish town just an hour before the start of the game with a reduced staff of players, accompanied by the minister and Basketball Association head Amiram Halevi.

Even before the game, Regev said that she would be glad to accompany the team on its European campaign. "There were lots of challenges with regard to this trip and I'm happy that we managed to overcome them," said the minister. "I want to thank the Turkish administration for its cooperation and goodwill, as well as the security forces, the Prime Minister, the Foreign Ministry and my own ministry's director-general Yossi Sharabi, who made the arrangement which would enable the game to take place."

"I'm very happy to be here and to support Ironi Nahariya. It's important that the players should be calm and focused on what they know to do," concluded Regev.

Nahariya lost the game 80:65 but still progressed to the next stage of the Eurocup.