Satmar hasidim to demonstrate against Netanyahu in Washington

Anti-Zionist hasidim to demonstrate outside White House during meeting between Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Donald Trump.

Yoel Domb,

Anti-conscription demonstration
Anti-conscription demonstration
Flash 90

A group of anti-Zionist Satmar hasidim is expected to demonstrate in Washington outside the White House during the course of the meeting between Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Donald Trump.

Announcements published in haredi sectors of Brooklyn and Williamsburg over the past day called on local residents to demonstrate against the Prime Minister due to the phenomenon of "female conscriptions."

"We cannot remain silent over the conscription decree, the decree of secularization which has fallen on our dear brothers in the Holy Land, where the Zionist government has decided to destroy the remnant of Israel, Heaven forfend, and every day people fall into secularism, G-d forbid, " stated the announcements.

"Recently they have begun a decree of female conscription, Heaven forfend, which one should sacrifice one's life rather than transgress, and our brothers in Israel are fighting steadfastly against this decree and are getting smitten and sent to jail ... when the head of the unbelievers comes to Washington it is an opportune time to protest, especially as he comes in the name of all of the Jewish nation," said the announcement, adding that people should protest "so that the world will know that the Zionists do not represent the rest of the nation, but rather they are destroying the nation."