Watch: The Trump family and the Jewish community

Trump family friend tells of warm relationship between US President's father and Jewish community.

Yoni Kempinski,

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Malki Weisberg shared with Arutz Sheva the story of how Fred C. Trump, the father of US President Donald Trump, forged a friendship with her father, Rabbi Israel Wagner, and helped build and support an Orthodox Synagogue in New York.

"The Synagogue was housed in a basement in one of these buildings [built by Fred Trump], because there wasn't a building yet. And my father, Mr. Israel Wagner, decided to go and speak to Mr. Fred C. Trump, and see what he could do about building a Synagogue," Weisberg said.

"At that point, a friendship which lasted 49 years began...and Mr. Trump became a huge supporter of the Synagogue. He said: 'I will donate the land, you will build the Synagogue. And he helped yearly with donations," she added.

She said that the aid Fred Trump gave the Jewish community went beyond helping to construct a Synagogue. "If my father ever had a family that was down and out and needed help, he would go speak to Mr.Trump, and help would come. He was truly a man that respected Judaism, respected my father very much, and respected family life."

She expressed hope that Trump would be a good President for America and for the Jews and Israel.

"I'm very hopeful. I believe that the hand of G-d was in this entire process. Donald Trump, nobody thought would win as President of the United States, and he did. I think that we see a lot of unnatural things, and people have to give him a chance.

"I believe that he wants a strong America. I believe that he has pride in it. And I believe that that includes having Israel as a close friend and ally. And I believe that his background, and his family, and his father and his mother as well, who loved Jews and were close to certain Jews, and continued to appreciate the Jewish way of life, I really hope that that will show us here in Israel a friendship that will last a long time," she concluded.