Prime Minister pledges to build new town for Amona evacuees

Netanyahu calls Amona expulsion 'painful' necessity in 'law-abiding state', promises to build new town for evacuees.

Yoni Kempinski ,

Netanyahu in Ariel
Netanyahu in Ariel
Yoni Kempinski

Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke Thursday at a ceremony in memory of legendary Ariel mayor Ron Nachman and referred to events at Amona.

Netanyahu said: "We are going through difficult days. We made every effort not to reach this point but in the end we fulfilled the requirements of the law because we are a law-abiding state. I and you share in the great pain of the families forced to leave their houses and their life's work and we all understand the extent of their pain.

"We have to establish a new community for them on state land. Yesterday I set up a team to locate a place for the community and to begin preparing it. We will act to enable this as soon as possible.

"I call on all the residents to leave without violence or altercations, to respect the soldiers and police. It hurts them no less than it hurts us and I want to remind everyone that they protect us. And at the same time we will strengthen the other communities here, including, of course, Ariel."

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