Terror gangs nabbed, weapons factory shut down

Security forces capture terror gang responsible for firebombings of Jewish town, shut down weapon factory, Hamas propaganda center.

David Rosenberg ,

IDF night raid (illustrative)
IDF night raid (illustrative)

Security forces operating overnight in Judea and Samaria nabbed more than two dozen suspects, shut down several facilities used for terror operations, and broke up a terrorist gang believed to be responsible for multiple attacks on a Jewish town.

In a joint operation of the IDF, Judea and Samaria District police, the Shin Bet internal security agency, and Border Police, 19 wanted suspects were picked up in overnight raids. Among the 19 suspects were 17 individuals suspected of terror attacks against civilians and security forces.

In a separate joint operation of the army, police, Shin Bet, and Border Police, two terror facilities were shut down, including a Hevron weapons factory and a Ramallah printing house, which was reportedly used by Hamas to spread propaganda in an ongoing campaign to strengthen its presence in the area.

Police also discovered an illegal firearm in the village of Taybeh near Ramallah. Two people were arrested.

In a separate case, IDF forces recently captured four members of a terror gang responsible for multiple firebombing attacks on the town of Beit El in Samaria.