Three terrorists, one bullet

Elite British sniper kills three ISIS terrorists with a single shot.

David Rosenberg ,

Sniper (illustration)
Sniper (illustration)
Flash 90

Three senior ISIS terrorists were killed in Iraq– with only one shot fired.

An elite sniper in the UK’s Special Air Service fired one .338 Lapua Magnum bullet at a group of terrorists over a mile away in a small town outside of Mosul in northern Iraq, The Daily Star Sunday reported.

In an amazing feat of marksmanship, the sniper’s shot managed to directly strike two terrorists, killing them instantly, before ricocheting into a third, killing him as well.

“No one could quite believe what had happened,” a source told The Daily Star Sunday, calling it a “one-in-a-million” shot.

The sniper’s unit had been tracking a group of senior ISIS terrorists, who were planning on slaughtering the inhabitants of the small town. When the terrorists attempted to corral fleeing women and children and pointed their weapons at them, the SAS unit decided to intervene.

After the shooting, the SAS squad entered the town to confirm that the three terrorists were in fact dead, and that no other ISIS forces were in the vicinity.

The incident reportedly took place in November, but was only disclosed to the public on Sunday.