Illegal worker from Palestinian Authority steals millions

Janitor who sneaked into Israel from Palestinian Authority runs off with two million shekels.

Shlomo Pyotrovsky,

Security camera recording of thief
Security camera recording of thief

After a year and a half, a Palestinian Authority Arab who illegally resided and worked in Israel has been taken into custody for grand larceny, after having allegedly stolen some 2 million shekels ($530,000) from a Tel Aviv office building where he worked.

The man, a Ramallah-area resident who had worked as a janitor in an office building on Gordon Street, is believed to have discovered the massive some of money while cleaning up after work hours.

The cash, which was partially in US Dollars and in part New Israeli Shekels, had been placed by the manager of the office in question in a drawer, and left there overnight.

Investigators identified the janitor with the help of security camera footage, which showed him exiting the building while carrying several bags before leaving the scene of the crime in a car which had been waiting for him outside.

Shortly after the theft, Israeli police issued a warrant for the man’s arrest and attempted to locate him.

The suspect was arrested not long after by Palestinian Authority police, who found in his possession nearly 1 million shekels in cash ($265,000),

Despite his arrest, however, he was only taken into custody by Israeli authorities this month, following a successful operation for his capture in Samaria.

An indictment is expected to be issued in the case on Monday.