'Netanyahu should learn from Trump'

Middle East expert David Bukay impressed by President-elect's speech: 'The media abused him and he answered them in kind'.

Benny Toker,

Trump and Netanyahu
Trump and Netanyahu
צילום: קובי גדעון, לע"מ

Middle East expert Dr. David Bukay watched last night's speech of President-elect Donald Trump refusing to answer a CNN reporter, and even called his employers fake newsmakers.

"We saw yesterday how he abused the CNN reporter and refused to answer him, and I, too, am proud that for the last two years I have been approached by the CNN several times and told them that I refuse to be interviewed by an anti-Semitic channel. And indeed as Trump said yesterday, this is a fake news channel just as our media here on Channel 10 and Channel 2.

"US as well as Israeli media abused Trump and he exhibited the necessary wherewithal and I wish Netanyahu would learn how to respond to them in kind".

Bukay says outgoing-President Obama's interview with Ilana Dayan was shocking, as he put it. "I think Ilana Dayan is a walking scandal and you shouldn't watch her. The shocking words of Mr. Obama and Ms. Dayan - you saw in front of you the big mouth of an obfuscater who never achieved anything beyond hedonism. Unfortunately we're seeing a Democratic Party steadily converting to Islam and becoming more and more anti-Israeli. I am very worried that Obama's racist wife will announce her own candidacy next time and it will be a dark day. She's been the force behind Obama during these years and thank God that we have Trump.

"Trump's speech reflects the reversal of his predecessor Hussein Obama's policy, and has returned it to political realism and elimination of counterfeit policy. For eight years they've been living a false and delusional reality in the United States in a bubble of naive stupidity while strengthening the evil forces of Islam still raging, sponsored by a hedonist Muslim president completely made up of hollow talk."