Russia: We have no damaging material on Trump

Kremlin denies report by British spy that Russian officials are holding potentially damaging information on US President-elect Trump.

David Rosenberg,

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Russian officials pushed back on Wednesday against reports that the Russian government has in its possession potentially damaging information on US President-elect Donald Trump.

On Tuesday it was revealed that a former British intelligence officer had informed US officials that the Russian government claimed to have access to secret personal and business information which could embarrass President-elect Trump and harm his administration.

Trump responded to the report, calling it “Fake news – a total political witch hunt!”

Though the former British intel agent who allegedly compiled the report has been characterized as credible by US officials in conversations with CNN, the document itself raised eyebrows after it was publicized by Buzzfeed, with numerous factual errors, The Telegraph reported.

The Russian government itself weighed in on Wednesday to deny the claims, which it said were part of an effort to harm relations between the Kremlin and the incoming Trump administration.

The Kremlin does not have compromising information on Trump," Russian President Vladimir Putin’s aide Dmitry Peskov said.