Shas MK: Bury terrorist with pig's head

MK Margi calls for body of terrorist to be buried with pig's head as deterrent to future jihadists.

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Michal Levy,

Security forces bag body of Jerusalem terrorist
Security forces bag body of Jerusalem terrorist
Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

The terrorist responsible for Sunday’s deadly terror attack in Jerusalem should be buried with a pig’s head, said MK Yaakov Margi (Shas) on Monday.

Margi, who chairs the Knesset’s Education Committee, tweeted that were it up to him, the terrorist, reportedly inspired by the ISIS terror group, would have been interred with the head of a pig, an animal whose very touch is considered unclean in Islam.

“If it were up to me, I would bury this cursed terrorist with a pig’s head,” wrote Margi.

The attacker, he continued “brought us back to reality and reminded us who the real enemy is – not the right and not the left.”

In an interview with Radio Kol Hai Tuesday night, Margi clarified his comments.

“The truth is, when I thought about it, I wanted to take back what I said because it would be an insult to the pig to bury him with this accursed terrorist,” said Margi.

“In terms of feasibility, I don’t know if it could be implemented. It is important for me to point out here that what I said was not out of a sense of vengefulness. But when you’re confronted by a disgusting act like this, driven by pure hatred, you don’t think a great deal.”

Nevertheless, said Margi, burying terrorists with pigs should be considered as a deterrent to future attacks.

“Also stabbing terror attacks, which are driven by hatred and ignorance, need to be responded to with something at the same level, since we don’t appear to be able to convince them with rational [appeals]. If it will deter them from doing this, maybe we really should consider doing this.”