December's sirens turn out to be 2 Grad rockets

IDF spokesman says rocket sirens at end of December were Grad rockets fired at Israel, not spillover from Sinai.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Gaza terrorists fire rockets
Gaza terrorists fire rockets
Albert Sadikov/Flash 90

During December, a red alert siren was sounded in several towns in southern Israel. Immediately afterwards, the IDF said the sirens were a result of spillover from the fighting in Sinai. The rockets were said to have fallen within Egyptian territory. Though nothing fell within Israel's borders, the IDF said it would continue to investigate the matter.

On Tuesday, admitted the sirens were sounded to warn of two Grad rockets fired by a smaller terrorist organization.

Grad rockets have a range of 40km. According to Galei Zahal Radio, the abilities of Gazan and Sinai terror groups, including but not limited to Hamas, Al-Qaeda, and ISIS, have improved dramatically in the past few months.

Egypt has 20,000 soldiers stationed in the Sinai Peninsula, with 41`troops patrolling Egypt's borders with Israel and and Gaza.

Though Hamas and Hezbollah both possess improved rocket abilities and Hamas recently discovered how to defeat Israel's Iron Dome, the Israeli government has continuously displayed reluctance to start - or be drawn into - another war. This may be because the IDF has not yet been able to replenish its weapons arsenal after it was depleted during Operation Protective Edge.