Serial wedding crasher nabbed for string of phone thefts

Suspect regularly showed up for weddings posing as a guest in order to steal cell phones.

Ido Ben Porat,

Some of the stolen devices
Some of the stolen devices
Police spokesperson

Police arrested a man early Friday morning suspected in a string of thefts at a wedding hall near Jerusalem.

The suspect, a 39-year old man from central Israel, is believed to be responsible for a large number of cell phone thefts at weddings and other family celebrations which were held at the wedding hall.

The investigation, which began two weeks ago, was prompted by complaints the hall’s management received regarding the theft of cell phones at a recent wedding.

On Thursday, an employee of the wedding hall noticed a man pocketing cellular devices left by guests at their tables as they danced.

Police were alerted, and a unit dispatched to the hall, but the suspect had already left the scene.

Authorities were able to identify the vehicle used by the thief, and tracked it down to the suspect’s house in central Israel. The man was found at his home and taken in for questioning at the Harel police station.

The suspect revealed to police that he would visit the hall dressed up and posing as a guest. After enjoying the meal, he would scout out unattended cell phones, steal them, and then leave the venue.

Investigators suspect the man may have a long history of such thefts, and may have targeted other wedding halls. It is believed the suspect pawned off the stolen devices to individual buyers and second-hand phone stores.