Haredi man says daughter shunned thanks to mom’s McDonald’s trip

Father awarded custody of his 9-year old daughter tells court his ex-wife flagrantly attempting to lead daughter away from her faith.


Mcdonald's restaurant
Mcdonald's restaurant

JTA - A haredi man from London told a family court judge that his 9-year-old daughter was facing ostracism from their community after her mother took her to eat at a non-kosher McDonald’s fast-food restaurant, and to a mixed-sex gymnastics class.

The girl’s mother had left her husband and their insular community, according to reports in the British media. A court had ruled that the girl would live with her father but spend time with her mother.

The father turned to a family court to complain about the mother's activities when the two spent time together, the London-based Jewish News reported.

In addition to the non-kosher food and the gymnastics class, the father told Judge Laura Harris that his ex-wife drove with their daughter in a car on the Sabbath and “dressed inappropriately” when picking her up from her religious day school. The mother, who had been religious, could not plead ignorance about how what she was doing would harm her daughter's social acceptance.

The judge reportedly told the mother the daughter could remain in her gymnastics class and said the mother promised not to feed her non-kosher food in the future. The case reportedly came to family court after the father had his former wife followed by a private investigator.

The case comes on the heels of a case in November in London family court in which a woman told the judge that her former husband, who had stopped being religiously observant, allowed their two young children to ride their bikes on Shabbat and to watch television, which are both activities forbidden by halakha.