UN ambassador Danon: Kerry's speech 'a distortion of reality'

Israel's UN ambassador Danny Danon said 'coordinating anti-Israel initiatives with the Palestinians at UN is opposite of supporting Israel'.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Danny Danon
Danny Danon

Israel's Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon commented on Secretary Kerry's speech, emphasizing that "the Obama Administration acted against Israel at the UN and any claim to the contrary is a distortion of reality."

Danon added that "to coordinate anti-Israeli initiatives with the Palestinians at the UN and to advance a one-sided resolution against Israel in the Security Council is the opposite of supporting Israel. Neither speeches nor statements will bring peace to our region. The only way forward is for the Palestinians to understand that they must condemn terror, end incitement and return to the negotiating table."

Ambassador Danon also commented on President-Elect Trump's statements:"We welcome President-Elect Trump's unequivocal support for Israel, and his willingness to stand against those who try to harm us in the United Nations."

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