Israel-US Relations - Then and now

The Ultimate Betrayal - The Stab In The Back

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Trump meets with Netanyahu
Trump meets with Netanyahu
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Hear: Why we get all the aid from the US. What's in it for them? It's all about US-Israel relations explained by a real expert.

Dan Feferman is an IDF Major (reserve) in the strategic plans and policy unit, where he worked on the relationship between Israel and America on military and strategic issues.

He was also the assistant and advisor to the then Deputy Chief of Staff Benny Gantz, who became Chief of Staff. Subsequently he was a commander of an intelligence unit working to prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons. Since then he is a consultant to intelligence units.

As a fellow of the Jewish Peoples Policy Institute he gives talks on Israel's strategic situation, the Middle East and today's subject US-Israel relations.

If you want to be informed, you can't miss this.

And: What MK Basel Ghattas did to be stripped of his diplomatic immunity and arrested.

Also: More from the latest about the village of Amona.

Plus: A plea for Jonathan Pollard to be released from his parole conditions.

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