German terror suspect used 6 aliases, 3 different nationalities

German police believe suspect in truck terror attack is of Tunisian origin but has used different identities and nationalities in the past.

Arutz Sheva ,

Berlin police
Berlin police

German police believe that the suspect in Tuesday's truck terror attack is of Tunisian origin and is armed and dangerous. Police published a wanted notice which indicated that the man had at various times used six alternative aliases and three different nationalities and that he was armed and dangerous.

The man's name is cited as Anis Amri, born in Tunisia, but he is known to have used other aliases, some of which are variations of his name and has also claimed Egyptian and Lebanese citizenship.

German authorities say they rejected the man’s asylum request in July. According to conservative representative Stephan Mayer, the man was supposed to have been deported from Germany earlier this year.

A similar truck attack carried out by a Tunisian immigrant in July in the southern French town of Nice claimed the lives of 86 people.