Shooting attacks foiled in Jerusalem

Eight Arabs from eastern Jerusalem arrested while planning series of terror attacks in the capital.

Ido Ben Porat,

Courtesy of Israel Police

Israeli security forces recently foiled a string of terror attacks aimed at the capital, the Shin Bet internal security agency reports.

A joint operation by the Shin Bet and Israeli police broke up a terror cell consisting of eight Arab residents of Jerusalem, from the Sur Baher and Sheikh Jarrah neighborhoods.

The Hamas-linked terror cell had been planning a series of shooting attacks in the capital, including against an IDF base and targets on Mount Scopus, home to the Hebrew University and Hadassah Hospital.

During interrogation by the Shin Bet of the suspects, it was discovered that the cell was formed in 2015, after several of the group’s members were released from prison, having served terms for violent, nationalistic actions.

According to the report, the terror cell had planned to target an IDF base on Mount Scopus in northern Jerusalem. Preparations were already underway for the attack, and members had conducted reconnaissance to gather information on the base and surrounding area.

Several of the terrorists involved revealed during interrogation that they had taken part in violent disruptions in the Old City of Jerusalem during Ramadan.

“The disruption of the [terror] network preventing a number of serious terror attacks in Jerusalem,” a statement from the Shin Bet reads, “and its discovery again highlights the danger posed by terrorists with Israeli ID cards, who benefit from the freedom of movement and access to firearms, making it relatively easy for such individuals to carry out terror attacks.”