'This monster tried to burn down the entire village'

Public Security Minister says terrorist tried to burn down Halamish; praises firefighters, police, and volunteers as heroes.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Minister Erdan
Minister Erdan
Internal Security Ministry

Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan (Likud) addressed the recent fires that have raged around the country and their causes at a government meeting in Haifa Sunday.

"Israel has faced a wave of fires over the past week, some of which have been caused by negligence or natural means. Others are caused by nationally motivated terrorist attacks." Minister Erdan said.

"Last night I visited the Halamish community. I came to see the extent of the damage and the intensity of the fire after a monstrous individual tried to burn down the entire village, along with all of its inhabitants." he asserted.

Erdan praised Israel's firefighting efforts. "Thanks to the heroic actions of the firefighters and the Israeli police, with the assistance of national and international [help] and volunteers...there has been only property damage, but no casualties."

"As the Prime Minister said, the most important goal is to save lives without taking [unnecessary] risks. Thankfully, this goal was accomplished. We will also discuss compensation for the injured and how to bring their lives back to normal."

"The extreme weather continues, as does the danger of brush fires or arson spreading rapidly." Erdan warned. "The public is therefore requested to remain alert and report any concerns or suspicions, even if they seem insignificant."