IDF eliminates ISIS force from the air

The Air Force eliminates four ISIS members Sunday morning after they fired at IDF forces.

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Kobi Finkler ,

ISIS flag
ISIS flag

A patrol from the Golani Brigade this morning was fired on by ISIS forces in Syria in the vicinity of the communities of Nov and Avnei Eitan in the Golan Heights.

The patrol returned the fire first with small arms and then mortars. The air force located the armored vehicle that had been the source of the fire and destroyed the vehicle, killing all four ISIS terrorists inside.

This is not the first time the IDF has had to deal with spillover from the Syrian conflict. In September, three projectiles hit Israel, and the IDF was forced to retaliate, targeting three Syrian artillery positions.

The problem is not new to 2016, either: there has been spillover from Syria's civil war since the war began. Already in 2012, Israel filed a complaint with the UN, complaining that the fire presented a threat to Israeli residents and interests.