This child is just one surgery away from a normal life

11-year old Ariel needs your help to get his last palate surgery.

Kupat Ha'Ir, | updated: 21:05

Kupat Ha'Ir

Eleven years ago in Israel, a sweet baby boy was born into the world with a shocking and painful condition -- a cleft palate.

This young boy has already endured two surgeries in his short lifetime, and an untold amount of struggles that comes with having a facial deformity. Finally, he is on the brink of a normal life, with just one final surgery to complete the work that must be done.

The insurance company will cover 92% of the cost. The rest, however, has fallen on the shoulders of his parents, and they are struggling to make ends meet. Imagine how Ariel must feel. After having suffered from this condition for as long as he has been alive, he has the chance to be what every child longs to be -- a normal kid with a normal life. To miss out on this opportunity, because of the remaining 8% of the total cost, would be devastating.

Please help this family raise what they need so that we can help Ariel get the surgery, and the childhood he deserves!