Will Netanyahu let Trump move embassy to Jerusalem?

Moshe Feiglin feels that vacillating Israeli leaders could prevent Donald Trump from helping Israel attain sovereignty in Judea and Samaria.

Yoni Kempinski,

Moshe Feiglin
Moshe Feiglin
Flash 90

Former Likud MK and founder of Zehut party Moshe Feiglin said that he is happy that Donald Trump won, but was not surprised, as he had predicted a year and a half ago that he would win both the primaries and the election.

However, he feels that we are in a "very dangerous situation;" if the new president calls Netanyahu and asks to move the American embassy to Jerusalem, he may discover that the Israeli Prime Minister wavers on this issue, and this may affect Trump's regional moves.

Feiglin felt that Trump might then call Putin, who is sitting on our northern border, and tell him to make some sort of settlement on the Golan heights when he sees the Israeli leadership's reluctance to maintain Israeli sovereignty in Jerusalem and in Judea and Samaria.