IDF: Don't shoot female terrorists, they're not as dangerous

A new clip from IDF training calls on soldiers to use other methods to disarm female terrorists rather than shooting them.

Col(Res) Raz Sagi,

soldiers from mixed IDF battalion
soldiers from mixed IDF battalion
צילום המחשה: הדס פרוש, פלאש 90

Recently, the Shomron brigade released a training video in which it calls on soldiers to avoid shooting female terrorists, as they are deemed "less dangerous". There are two incongruities regarding this new directive:

Firstly, Israel may be a member of the international community and respect the international rules of combat. Israel educates its soldiers on how to maintain moral integrity in the battlefield but the challenges they are facing are not the normal ones faced in wars between nations. There is a real concern her that the fear of international justice or criminal indictments for military actions could paralyze soldiers and prevent them from performing their duties

The senior officers must enable soldiers to maintain international conventions and at the same time to perform their operational duties without other concerns and to deal with the threats facing them without unnecessarily endangering themselves.

The Geneva conventions and ethical codes apply to battles between regular armies and not to bloodthirsty terrorists. The British approach to dealing with the Mau Mau rebellion in Kenya in 1951-1960 and the French suppression of the Algerian rebellion in 1954-1962 are examples of different methods of action successfully used against terrorism, without maintaining the rigid rules of combat.

Moreover the new directive, which effectively says that women are less dangerous than men means that the IDF ,which recently added two mixed battalions of men and women and is at present adding another one, is training inferior soldiers for combat. On the one hand we are told not to shoot women, on the other hand we train women to shoot as if they were men, thus preparing soldiers who will be less dangerous to our enemies for combat.

The IDF must instead write an operational directive emphasizing that terrorists, both men and women, must be eliminated as their goal is to murder both civilians and soldiers and they are dangerous as long as they are alive. This directive will save soldiers having to make split-second decisions which could endanger their lives unnecessarily.