PM: Israel's future has never looked brighter

Prime Minister said that Israel is becoming less isolated and more powerful, but more needs to be done to strengthen Jewish identity.

Yoni Kempinski,

Haim Tzach

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu struck a confident and optimistic tone in his speech to the Jewish Agency for for Israel’s Board of Governors.

Netanyahu began his remarks by laying out his hopes for the Jewish agency in strengthening Jewish identify around the world, including a greater focus on Hebrew education and the encouragement of aliyah. "I'd like to see the number of Hebrew speakers around the world grow."

Moving on to the threats Israel faces, Netanyahu said "I don't think BDS poses a real economic danger to Israel." However, he still believed it was important to fight against those who would delegitimize Israel for the support many of them have for radical Islamists.

"Who do they partner with? The people who hang gays? The people who enslave women and rape them?"

Netanyahu stated that he wants Israel to be a welcoming place for all kinds of Jews, despite the many divides between them. "Israel is the home of all the Jews...where any Jew can feel comfortable, feel at home. It doesn't always work that way."

Netanyahu also recounted Israel's military, economic, and technological prowess and how many of the nations of the world are turning to Israel for aid and cooperation. "I have never been more hopeful about the future of Israel than I am now."

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