Keep the IDF Lone Soldiers warm this winter

With no homes to go to on leave, IDF Lone Soldiers need you to care about them.

Arutz Sheva, | updated: 21:48

חייל שומר בגבול עזה
חייל שומר בגבול עזה
צילום: Tomer Neuberg/Flash90

What is a 'lone soldier?"

Lone soldiers are either orphans, or idealistic young men who choose to come from all over the world to Israel to serve in the IDF, without a family to go home to at the end of a long day or when on leave.

They do not have the option of returning home to their parents after engaging in commando operations to seek out terrorists or after putting themselves in danger in other ways defending the Jewish people. They often live instead in modest group homes, which can never compare to the nurturing of a true home environment.

One special and holy soul in particular goes out of his way to make sure that these young men feel at home and supported - Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem Rav Aryeh Stern. Rav Stern treats the lone soldiers as though they are his very own sons. He arranges their Sabbath meals, gives shiurim (Torah lectures), helps them buy things for their group homes, and even visits and brings them food.

Help now

The winter in Israel can be harsh, and proper heating and food are expensive. Rav Stern needs our help to raise $20,000 so that these lone soldiers can have the essentials this winter.

So, ask yourself -- with the sacrifices these soldiers are making, and with their courage to do so without the presence of their families, do they not deserve something in return?

Please don't leave them out in the cold this winter. Give what you can.

When Lone Soldiers participate in anti-terror operations, such as the tragic ramming that killed four IDF soldiers today, they deserve to find a warm meal and comfortable quarters at the end of the day. You can make this a reality.

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