Kuwaiti film producer slams Muslim preachers

Kuwaiti film producer published article criticizing Muslim preachers for inciting against Jews in sermons while ignoring Muslim atrocities.

Yoel Domb,

Tareq Badder
Tareq Badder

A Kuwaiti film producer, Tareq Baddar, has published an article criticizing Muslim preachers for inciting against Jews in their sermons while at the same time ignoring the cruelty of Muslim leaders over the course of history as well as the current violent conduct of Muslim organizations like ISIS.

Part of the producer's article has been translated and published by MEMRI (Middle East Media Research Institute):

"Our filming [of the piece we are currently working on] began last Friday at around 10 am, and by Friday evening prayers, we had finished half of our work... My colleagues and I went to the nearest mosque... I sat there for half an hour and listened to a sermon that originated in ancient history. Most of the sermon [was dedicated] to warnings about the Jews – their evil, deceit, cunning, backwardness, and lowliness. [It claimed] that the world was in its current state because of the Jews – that the Jews undoubtedly played a part in all wars and disasters, big and small, and that Jews are behind every transgression, every murder, and every act of corruption. Naturally, the sermon ended with [the phrase]: 'Oh Allah, glorify Islam and the Muslims.'

"I left the sermon in a bad mood, and in order to rid myself of it, I must analyze this matter:

"The sheikh forgot that my religion – and his – permits marriage to a Jewish woman, which means a Jewish woman could be a wife, a maternal aunt, a paternal aunt, even a mother. How many Jews live in Yemen, Iraq, and Morocco? How nice for me to be in your mosque while my Jewish mother sits at home and hears me say 'amen' when you curse her.

"The sheikh forgot that, in the miserable sermons he delivers from his pulpit, he has been calling 'oh Allah, glorify Islam and the Muslims' for decades, but to no avail. He never asked himself why [this glory never materialized], since he had a clear answer: Because the Jews have taken everything we ever had.

"The sheikh forgot that Qadhafi, Saddam, Mubarak, and Bashar Al-Assad... and the group [of leaders] who succeed them, as well as Yazid, Djemal Pasha, Abu Muslim Al-Khurasani, Al-Hajjaj and their ilk from history – were [all] Muslim tyrants, bloodletters, and criminals.

"The sheikh forgot that thousands of evil, cruel Muslims established and run the so-called 'Islamic State organization' and joined it, and that they exported to the world models of unimaginable murder, abuse, and expert extermination.

"The sheikh forgot that the greatest of the Arab seductress singers is Muslim [likely a reference to Haifa Wehbe], that the owners of shows on dance and seduction channels are Muslims, and that pornographic websites, chatrooms, and apps were made and are run by Muslims.

"The sheikh forgot that the people in charge of torture in our country are Muslim.

"And perhaps the sheikh does not know that 'Abdallah bin Saba the Jew' is a fictional character, though he certainly fits his image of the quintessential [evil] Jew.

"How can people allow themselves to stand atop pulpits and deliver sermons for so many years using the same expressions, stories, and quotes... The best among them memorize their sermons and teach their followers to memorize them by recitation. The worst among them carry notes, and if they drop them, then 'there goes the sermon.' Both kinds earn a living doing this work...

"There are numerous religious proofs, whether quotes or deeds, that I could think of to argue with the preacher, interrupt him, or correct him, but I made do with knitting my brow and leaving the mosque quickly after the prayer. [Apparently I am either] very lazy or just a coward..."

Mr. Baddar's willingness to publish his article means he is far from a coward.