Oded Revivi to PA: Release my Sukkot guests

Efrat Mayor calls on PA to release his Sukkot guests, says it's 'absurd that having coffee with Jews is a crime.'

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Mayor Oded Revivi
Mayor Oded Revivi

Efrat Mayor Oded Revivi responded to the arrest of four of his Palestinian Arab neighbors, who are still being held by the Palestinian Authority for the "crime" of visiting Revivi's home and drinking coffee in his sukkah while speaking about the neighborhood's future and peace.

"I call upon the Palestinian Authority to immediately release my Sukkot guests. It is absurd that having coffee with Jews is considered a crime by the Palestinian Authority. Initiatives that seek to foster cooperation and peace between people should be encouraged, not silenced. It's time the Palestinian Authority asks itself whether it would prefer to fan the flames of conflict instead of working to bring people together," said Revivi.

PA sources claimed the four were being held in prison to protect them from the vengeance that other Palestinian Arabs might wreak on them for visiting a Jew. They gave no indication of how it is possible to know that the danger is over. Either way, the PA reaction to a pleasant Sukkot visit does not bode well for any hopes of peace.