It's not Just paperwork - It's your money

Keeping your financial paperwork in order is integral to financial success

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Douglas Goldstein,

It's not Just paperwork
It's not Just paperwork
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An important, yet neglected, aspect of financial success is organizing your paperwork.

Melanie Cullen, author of Get It Together: Organize Your Records So Your Family Won’t Have To, explains why organized paperwork helps you manage your finances efficiently.

Find out the best ways to organize your information and why storing it in the cloud is not always the best idea.

After your paperwork is organized, and you can see your financial situation clearly, it’s easier to think about retirement planning.

This week’s show discusses how to plan for retirement when there are so many unknowns. Special guest: Zack the Puppet, CFPP. What’s a CFPP? Listen to the show to find out.


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