Haredi soldiers combine army with Talmud

The newest solders in the Nahal Haredi unit turned their swearing-in ceremony into milestone for religious IDF soldiers.

Ido Ben Porat,

Haredi soldiers complete Talmudic tractate at swearing-in ceremony
Haredi soldiers complete Talmudic tractate at swearing-in ceremony
Nahal Haredi

A swearing-in ceremony for the newest soldiers in the army’s all-Orthodox Netzah Yehuda Battalion – better known as Nahal Haredi – turned into a milestone for haredi service in the IDF on Thursday, when the recruits added in an ancient Jewish tradition.

For the first time ever since the founding of the state 68 years ago, Israel’s newest enlistees combined the ceremony marking their official entry into the army as fully-fledged soldiers with the celebration of the Talmud upon the completion of an entire tractate.

The entire company had learned tractate Megilla – which focuses largely on the holiday of Purim – together during basic training, and finished their study together at Thursday’s ceremony.

“The people of Israel act based upon their learning (a play on words with Talmud), they first learn, and then take the best course of action,” said one of the soldiers who spoke at the ceremony. “We soldiers in Netzah [Yehuda] act based upon Torah, thus we first learn a tractate [of Talmud] before our army service.”

"הדרן עלך" בטקס ההשבעה