US immigrants support Trump policies

A recent Morning Consult poll indicates that immigrants and their families overall support Trump's immigration policies.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Donald Trump
Donald Trump
Mike Stone/Reuters

A new Morning Consult poll, conducted online from August 16-17, indicates that immigrants and immigrant families have a higher support for Trump immigration policies than the rest of the US population. The poll registered the opinions of 2,001 participants, and has a margin of error of 2 points.

By the numbers:

Immigrants, along with the rest of the US, like Trump's proposal to have all foreigners entering the US to take an ideological test on American values. In real numbers, that added up to around 61 percent. Around 26 percent of immigrants opposed it, in similar numbers to non-immigrants.

Immigrants, children of immigrants, and grandchildren of immigrants also matched non-immigrant Americans in supporting a temporary ban on people entering the US from high-terror countries. New immigrants were least likely to back the proposal at 52 percent supporting, and 39 percent against. First-generation Americans peaked at 68 percent support, as compared to the general electorate (59 percent), with only 22 percent of the generation opposing it, as compared to 27 percent of general voters.

59 percent of second-generation Americans are in favor of the proposal, versus 32 percent who reject it. Third-generation Americans backed it 55 percent to 34 percent.

Immigrants were several points more likely than the general electorate (42 percent) to follow Trump's call to end "nation-building." 47 percent of recent immigrants, 49 percent of first-generation Americans, 42 percent of second-generation Americans, and 44 percent of third-generation Americans all supported the initiative.

Immigrant families also topped US voters in support of US joining with Russia to fight ISIS. While 64 percent of all voters back the plan, 73 percent of first generation, 66 percent of second generation, and 68 percent of third generation Americans approve of the idea. Of actual immigrants, though, only 62 percent thought Trump's plan was a good idea.

The border wall was the only polled issue where immigrants were less supportive of Trump. Voters generally are split at 43 percent over the building of a wall along the Mexican border. Half of recent immigrants oppose the idea, 46 percents of first generations, and 48 percent of second and third generation Americans also reject the idea.