'Don't give Hezbollah a platform'

Mickey Goldwasser, whose son, Udi, was kidnapped and murdered by Hezbollah, opposes publicizing footage broadcast by the terror group.

Benny Toker,

Goldwasser and Regev
Goldwasser and Regev
Flash 90

Mickey Goldwasser, mother of IDF soldier Udi Goldwasser who was kidnapped and killed by Hezbollah in 2006, says in conversation with Arutz Sheva that she did not see the movie broadcast yesterday on Hezbollah's "al-Miadin" channel, which shows the moments leading up to the kidnapping of her son and fellow soldier Eldad Regev.

"It's best to ignore them. If we don't we're just giving the Hezbollah a platform, and that's exactly what they want. We're falling into their trap.

"I don't know where it came from. I saw the footage they put up a year ago, but not this time. I call for all media outlets not to give them a platform. We have enough to write about what goes on here in Israel without giving exposure, recognition, and prestige within Lebanon to Hezbollah."

The movie that was broadcast shows Hezbollah fighters training for the kidnapping operation, supervised by one of the terror group's former senior commanders, Imad Mughniyeh, who was killed in 2008. Mughniyeh is heard telling the terrorists: "When they start shooting at you, obviously you've run out of time. If someone comes and shoots at the car, you have to keep driving. You can't stop." There is also footage of the kidnapping force on the morning of the kidnapping, and the commander of the squad.

Footage from the day of the kidnapping shows two IDF hummers patrolling the border fence roughly half an hour before the kidnapping. There is also audio recorded by Hezbollah from the IDF communications of a conversation between Goldwasser and other soldiers, in which he is heard saying, things: "Good morning all, we're going on patrol, I hope you all have fun," and "After me."