New report shows dramatic rise in US anti-Semitism

A new ADL report presented to the Knesset shows a dramatic rise in violent anti-Semitic assaults in the US.

Tal Polon,

BDS supporters (illustration)
BDS supporters (illustration)

A new report by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has been presented to the Knesset Committee for Diaspora Affairs which suggests a dramatic rise in anti-Semitic assaults in the US last year compared to previous years.

According the report, last year saw 941 reported anti-Semitic incidents in the US, a 3% increase from the 912 incidents the previous year.

Of these attacks, 56 were assaults - the most violent category of antisemitic activity covered in the report. This statistic represents a more than 50% increase from 36 recorded the year before.

Incidents on college campuses amounted to 10% of total recorded incidents, with a whopping 90 incidents recorded on 60 different college campuses. This statistic shows a dramatic increase from the 47 recorded incidents on 43 campuses recorded the previous year.

Avraham Nequise, Chairman of the Committee, commented regarding the latter findings that Jewish students in the US often feel "helpless [...] in the face of giant [anti-Semitic] organizations [funded by] foreign governments, and they don't see cooperation from university heads."

Yoav Karsanti, a representative of the Knesset Committee, also elaborated on the worrying findings: "Specifically in the more liberal US states do you see the highest number of attacks. This is a worrying trend that is related to the BDS movement."