German patient shoots doctor, then kills himself

Tragedy in Germany: A hospital patient in Berlin shot a doctor, before turning the gun on himself.

Rachel Kaplan ,

Hospital (Illustration)
Hospital (Illustration)

A German shot a doctor at Benjamin Franklin Campus of the Charite university hospital in Berlin, and then killed himself with the same gun.

The doctor was critically injured, and has died of his injuries.

Police report they were called to the main building of the hospital at 11 a.m. today, in the southwestern Steglitz neighborhood of Berlin. They added that the gunman was a patient at the hospital.

Tagesspiegel newspaper reports that a police terror unit has been deployed to the scene.

However, German police reject the idea that this was a terror incident. There are "no signs at all" of a link to terrorism, they said.

The incident is the latest in a wave of attacks in Germany, which have left 10 people dead and dozens injured.

The gunman's motives are not yet known.