Cruz: I'm not a 'servile puppy'

Booed off the RNC stage, Texas Senator Ted Cruz refused to endorse Trump as nominee, after Trump insulted his wife and father.

Rachel Kaplan,

Ted Cruz
Ted Cruz

After being booed off the Republican National Convention stage, Texas Senator Ted Cruz refused to bow to Republican nominee Donald Trump's victory, claiming he's not a "servile puppy."

Cruz had originally promised to support the Republican nominee, whomever it may be. But that was before Trump maligned Cruz's family.

"The day that was abdicated was the day this became personal," Cruz said. "I'm not going to get into criticizing or attacking Donald Trump, but I'll give you this response: I am not in the habit of supporting people who attack my wife and attack my father," he defended himself to the embarrassed Texas delegation.

"And that pledge was not a blanket commitment that if you go and slander and attack Heidi, I'm going to nonetheless come like a servile puppy dog and say thank you very much for maligning my wife and my father," he added.

After starting his speech with a minute-long applause, Cruz was booed off the podium by the Republican delegates when he finished his speech without endorsing Trump.

The blatant split on national television angered the Trump campaign.

Trump's top adviser Paul Manafort commented that Cruz "used very bad judgment" and was "not respectful to the invitation by the convention to come and speak."

Trump repeatedly mocked Cruz throughout the campaign as "Lyin' Ted." Trump also took the campaign home, criticizing the appearance of Cruz's wife, Goldman Heidi Cruz.

Cruz was in second place for the Republican nomination before he quit the race in May after it became clear he would not receive the necessary number of delegates to clinch the GOP nomination.